Present Democracy for Future Generations

Duration: 2021-2023

PI: Andre Santos Campos

Reference: PTDC/FER-FIL/6088/2020 (funded by FCT-Portugal)

Democratizing the Future

Duration: 2021-2027

Reference: 2020.03633.CEECIND (funded by FCT-Portugal)

Individual Grant

Sovereignty in a Post-Sovereign World

Duration: 2016-2021

Reference: IF/01587/2015 (funded by FCT-Portugal)

Individual Grant

Natural Law Theories vs. Legal Positivism

Duration: 2010-2016

Reference: SFRH/BPD/65009/2009 (funded by FCT-Portugal)

Post-doctoral research grant

Legality models in Spinoza’s political philosophy

Duration: 2004-2008

Reference: SFRH/BD/18608/2004 (funded by FCT-Portugal)

Doctoral grant


  • Local team member in Integration of Refugees in Portugal. 2018-2021. FCT Project PTDC/FER-ETC/30378/2017. PI: Gabriele De Angelis. Host Institution: IFILNOVA.
  • Associate member of the Managing Committee of COST Action RECAST – Reappraising Intellectual Debates on Civic Rights and Democracy in Europe (CA16211). 2017-2021. PI: José María Rosales. Host Institution: Universidad de Málaga.
  • Associate member of the Managing Committee of Cost Action Constitution-making and deliberative democracy (CA17135). 2018-2022. PI: Min Reuchamps. Host institution: Université Catholique de Louvain.
  • Associate member in Corpus Lusitanorum De Pace: a contribuição de Portugal para a escola peninsular da paz (séculos XVI e XVII). 2010-2013. FCT Project PTDC/FIL-ETI/119182/2010. PI: Pedro Calafate: Host Institution: University of Lisbon.
  • Local team member in Post-National Sovereignty: The European Union path towards a political identity. 2008-2011. FCT Project PTDC/FIL-ETI/108287/2008. PI: António Marques and António Manuel Hespanha. Host Institution: Nova University of Lisbon.